Hello beauty and welcome.

I’m Chrissy and for me creating has always been an inspiring and intuitive process. Whether I'm drawing, painting, collaging, writing or teaching, I still feel a ‘squeee’ of possibility and child-like awe within the unfolding experience.

Alongside the act of creating, I’m inspired by colour, nature and personal growth. My works begin with a ‘feeling’ or inspiration which builds, colour by colour, layer by layer, to reveal inner knowing and personal stories of truth. I rarely know what I’m going to create and just let it surprise me and witness the magic unfold. 

My way of seeing the world has deepened throughout a 20 year journey in visual Art and teaching. The act of creating now feels like a rich ‘coming home’ to an inspired part within, whose arms and heart feel glowingly open and wide. Intuitive creativity is both the language She speaks and the process to greet Her … and that’s why it feels so amazing. It’s truly achievable for everyone.

Seeing you’re here, I reckon we’re peas in a pod. We both know making time for self-connection isn’t always easy when we spend our days nurturing and caring for others. But there’s no prerequisite to accessing our intuition. It's alive within all of us and I’ve got more than a few colourful tools to guide you there.

I believe a meaningful life is the masterpiece we’re all here to create. I'd be honoured to help you paint it.

All my Love,

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