Lately I've been really enjoying nature sketching in my journal. 

As a child I drew every single day, yet in adulthood I've favoured painting and collage as a self-expression tool. If I'm honest, some of the reason for this is that I thought there wasn't really a place for my drawing as an Art-form, because my work is kind of cartoony and naive and doodly. 

Yet, I've just pushed through that old belief, purely because I find nature just so damn beautiful and inspiring - and because I've discovered my love for mindful nature drawing. 

Mindful drawing is a bit like the continuous-line Art exercises I learned in Art school, but it's less about rules and more about presence. As I find a natural item I adore, I just look very closely and breathe, as I sketch the piece in my journal. 

Often when I'm out walking, I'll find seed pods or interesting leaves on the ground that I'd really love to draw. Other times, I'll just sit on my front porch and draw the plants in my hanging baskets and pots.

The best thing is - the whole purpose with mindful nature drawing is that it doesn't need to look perfect. In fact, I would argue that the looseness and abstract freedom in the lines make it even more beautiful and full of feeling.

If this is something you'd like to try yourself, all you need is a sketchbook, pen and something beautiful to look at.

There's a book I can highly recommend by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh on mindful drawing HERE.


All my Love,

In Loving Memory

This week I received some crushing news that a family friend I grew up with had passed away last week whilst holidaying in Bali with friends. I had been besties with his sister throughout high-school and the family had become like a second one to me.

Although I hadn't seen Tyler in years, I was still in contact with his sister Tam. When I heard of is passing I was overcome with grief, knowing how close the family was and the thought of the loss they must be experiencing. He was just 31 years old.

I wanted to do something - anything - to help ease their pain and share my love but I couldn't think what to do. How can anyone make up for such a loss? So, I did what I know. I painted.

In Loving Memory of Tyler Kennedy

I painted a very special moment from Ty's funeral; a moment capturing his loved ones all gathered together in a board circle in the ocean, in his name. He'd touched so many lives in his lifetime that the board circle broke the Guinness book of records for the most people gathered at sea on a board.

As I painted, I cried and I felt and I did all I could to do this moment justice. I painted this so his big sister Tam can always look at it, knowing he was loved, she was loved and will always supported by those who love them.

In Loving Memory of Tyler Kennedy. 1986 - 2017.

Prints available HERE.

All my Love,