New painted object artwork – ‘Fields of Gold’

If you’re a liker on my facebook art page, you might’ve read how our poor old family dog recently passed away. He was a bull terrier, one of those dogs that looks scary, but is actually a big pile of goo inside. So to quench my desire to paint on objects, I decided to begin with an old bull-terrier money box I’ve had for years. Here’s how it turned out …

Field of Gold_etsy_5

Field of Gold_etsy2

Field of Gold_etsy3

Field of Gold_etsy4

I’ve named this artwork, ‘Fields of Gold’, because I imagine him up there in doggie heaven, running around in a nice big endless park of loveliness. I’ll be uploading him to my shop as soon as I’ve admired him for a little bit longer on my desk.

Rest in Peace, old boy. I’ll always remember your unending love and companionship my Jakey xxx

Love Mummy