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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.


Intuitive Musings + News

New Artwork – Lazy Sundays

Chrissy Foreman

All week I look forward to weekends, when we can spend time together as a family. We rarely do anything fancy – usually just pottering around the house, eating yummo bakery food for lunch and pulling funny faces at our little boy just to hear him chuckle.

They may sound like mundane things to do, but it’s funny looking back at my own childhood, it’s the small things I remember.

So today we all played on the bed together, enjoying each other’s company while I breastfed Maxie laying down. There was this beautiful moment when Hubby reached out and touched my leg and I reached out to stroke him back, and I realised we’d created this beautiful ‘family’ shape, with Hubby and I surrounding our little man, quite literally, in a circle of embrace. It was such a beautiful moment, I had to paint it.

Here it is, called ‘Lazy Sundays’

lazy sunays_etsy

‘Lazy Sundays’. Acrylic, ink, watercolour pencil and marker on baord. March 2012. © Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

lazy sunays_etsy detail 

It’s turned out looking quite like Indigenous Australian art, which was not at all intentional, but perhaps it’s the essence or spirit of the moment that’s shared with that style of artwork that makes it look similar. Anyhow, this time I’m keeping the original so there’s just prints in my etsy and madeit shop if you wanna take a looksy.

Hope you had a wonderful, warm and fuzzy weekend too xx