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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.


Intuitive Musings + News

Fun at the mud flats

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

If there's anything I've learned from teaching kids over the last 15 years, it's that children are effortless examples of how to view the world, through new, fresh, inquisitive eyes. That delicious sense of discovery is completely awe inspiring, and it reminds me of wanting to be an explorer or archaeologist, when I was a kid.

Having my own little boy has enhanced this awareness even more, and I relish in times when we can explore things, together, as if for the first time. Here are some snaps of us playing down at the mud flats together, each in our own world of discovery ...

I love patterns in the sand and how we leave our marks on the landscape, ready to be washed away when the tide comes in ...


Nature, you fill my soul ... and so do you, my gorgeous little boy.

Love C x