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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.


New + behind the scenes Intuitive Artworks, Classes, Card Decks + Life.

Work in Progress - Heart Medicine Woman

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

A few weeks ago I started working on three new pieces. I rarely sit down to a blank canvas to paint a 'something', instead, I enjoy adding colours and shapes intuitively, until a story begins to unfold from the shapes.


This week, I noticed a woman's form begin to appear in the back painting (above), so I painted her in loosely over the colourful background. This began the journey of my heart medicine woman ... 


I am still very much in recovery-mode after my nervous breakdown last month. Now is a time for deep nurture, understanding, a great deal of self-love and almost a sense of self-protection, as I navigate through my healing process.

I am using my painting as cathartic enjoyment during this time ... You can see her clutching her blue heart to portray this.

As I painted, a beam of light came through the window with the afternoon sun and something about this felt intuitively fitting. I have learned not to try to make sense of these hunches and just go with them.

So while the light still danced, I painted it in before it was gone.


From here, I wanted to care for my lady. I gifted her with floral antennae to tune into her intuitive, spiritual wisdom. A poppy in her heart for self love. Wings at her back to protect her during these tumultuous times. I am lovingly healing her, and she, me.

As a painted, I stepped more and more into my own blooming process. This flower grew and grew from underneath her body, petal by petal, as if she was emerging from it.


With each day, as new insights unfold and I find how to best nurture myself in each moment, I will keep adding to my medicine woman. 

This last week has been particularly challenging and I wonder when I'll start feeling more consistently well again. It's felt like one step forward and two back. Yet within this time of illness, I am learning to accept myself for when I now stand. 

I cannot foresee the future, or for how long my recovery will take, but I do have within my power, the now ... And a beautiful, unfolding heart medicine woman to walk with me on my journey. 


All my Love,

Chrissy xx