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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.

The Dream Boat


Intuitive Musings + News

The Dream Boat

Chrissy Foreman

At the weekend, I experienced an incredible urge to paint. I had nothing particular in mind, but found an inky background I'd created earlier to work on. I began intuitively doodling with a white paint pen, to see what emerged.

Working intuitively can be a really surprising process. The subject matter that pops into my head can appear seemingly out-of-the-blue ... yet the discovery process can be incredibly insightful.

I began with a dream catcher ... then I suddenly thought of a boat. Then came the feathers and sky. Within an hour or so, 'The Dream Boat' sailed into being.

There's something about this piece that I absolutely adore. It's not just the calming colours or the composition on the page. This Artwork to me, carries a beautiful message.

The Dream Boat reminded me about surrendering my dreams to the Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess, instead of hanging onto my desires to control their fruition. I can easily imagine putting my dreams in this little boat and letting the Universe take the helm, enabling me to me go of control and sail ahead with trust and divine timing on my side.

No wonder that feels good.

The Dream Boat is available as a Gift Print from $40 and Original Artwork $315 HERE.

All my Love,

Chrissy x