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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.


New + behind the scenes Intuitive Artworks, Classes, Card Decks + Life.

Painting Night

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Painting is such a wonderful way to express ourselves. We can use shapes, colours and symbols to represent feelings, ideas and intentions about our Life, but I have to say it is usually a pretty solitary affair. A whole new world opens up when we paint alongside others ... Your whole 'vibe' can change and there's a buzz in the air that everyone feeds off. It's a pretty awesome feeling.


I have run many classes in my time which has enabled me to paint alongside others. I have also had a handful of sessions painting with a good friend. This week though, I'm trying something new ... a Paint Night.

This is a space where for one whole evening, we have a beautiful studio all to ourselves to paint alongside other creative beauties. I'm really excited about this because it feels like such a Spirit-nurturing thing to do. We'll begin with a little intention meditation and then spend the rest of the evening painting, sipping tea, wine, nibbling on cheese and chatting or painting silently, soaking up the vibrant energy of the night.

My kind of Saturday night!

It's a small, intimate night for ten of us to connect with ourselves and each other. If you'd like to join me and the other beautiful ladies this Saturday evening in Brighton, Brisbane, there are only 3 SPOTS LEFT. Click HERE to Join and find out more.

All my Love,

Chrissy x