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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.

Free Intuitive Wisdom Card Reading ❤


Intuitive Musings + News

Free Intuitive Wisdom Card Reading ❤

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Hello, Intuitive Beauty ❤

This is such an exciting time of my Life. Truly. I feel like everything I've experienced and endured and enjoyed in my life up to this day has all been a benevolent gift to lead my to truly appreciate this wonderful experience called LIVING.

This morning as I sat down for my morning meditation, I felt intuitively guided to pull an Intuitive Wisdom Card and share a reading with you.

Intuitive Wisdom Card Reading

If you'd love to have a listen and watch the vid, I invite you to join my mailing list as I'll be sending the reading out to all my beautiful customers today. This link is below if you haven't joined me already.


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All my Love,

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P.S Last days to purchase my new Intuitive Wisdom Cards via the pre-sale and go into the draw to win a personalised Intuitive Wisdom Reading online! Best of luck and enjoy xx