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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.



Intuitive Musings + News

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New Series ~ Animal Messengers

Chrissy Foreman

I find collage to be a highly satisfying Art form that meshes so beautifully with the Intuitive Art-making process. I have a pretty large stash of National Geographic magazines dating back to the 60's and 70's right through to recent years; and all are literally brimming with amazing photographs and inspiration for me to use in my Intuitive Artworks.


Lately, I have felt a sizeable urge to create a series of works using animals from these magazines. I generally start my Artworks using paints and inks and move onto collage about half way through my process. Here is how an average Artwork unfolds for me:

  1. Intuitively create a background with paints and inks in colours that match my mood
  2. Flip through a Nat Geo mag and intuitively select an animal or natural scene to bring in
  3. Cut around the image silhouette or cut into repetitive shapes (i.e. leaves, flowers etc)
  4. Collage images onto background using glue stick and/or matte /gloss medium
  5. Add ore paint, crayon and fine detail
  6. Spray with clear matt spray for longevity

I actually never intended to create a series, it's just kind of happened because I'm feeling interested in Animal Messengers at the moment, and the wisdom they can bring us. I've actually used collaged animals in many works before, but I've never felt this obsessed before. It's like I HAVE to bring them in, to tell their unfolding story. I feel really excited about it!

Here is the animal that began my foray into animal collage recently. A Sloth Artwork called 'Relaxing into Hope'.

Why a Sloth, you might ask?

To be honest, when I select an animal to work with in my Artworks, it's rarely intentional. I just flip through my magazines and wait for that familiar 'dropping into knowing' feeling in the pit of my tummy. That's how I know that animal will be entering the Artwork. The same goes for how I decorate them. This beautiful lady wanted to be purple and pink... and why not?

To me, a sloth represents relaxation and calm, and the look on her face is one of composure and hope. I just love this piece.

The background of 'Her Gifts' was one that flowed through me effortlessly. I had recently received a beautiful bunch rainbow flowers which were sitting next to my desk as I created, so no doubt their influence went into this piece. When I finished with the background, I noticed the middle section felt primed and ready for an animal to enter, and when I opened the page to this beautiful rhino, I just KNEW she would be perfect. 

Look at her, so calm and present and ready to share her gifts with the world. I adore the beautiful ducks in the lower right too. To me, they express yin and yang; an acceptance of wholeness within.

'Emerald Moonrise' actually came together on a piece of mixed media card I had originally been using for a paint palette. The silver moon and the orange blob in the middle areas were simply paint pours directly on the page and I loved them so much that I just painted and collaged around them. 

I'm not sure exactly what breed of bird this is - I think it is some sort of pheasant? Once again, I selected it intuitively and I adore how the resulting colour scheme is different to what I'd normally use. That's the beauty of collage ~ bringing in a new item to respond to, can take the Artwork into a whole new direction. 

Emerald Moonrise feels to me like feminine moon energy, the desiring of new experiences and emerging from the shadows. I've been doing a lot of shadow work over the last couple of years to embrace all parts of myself, so this piece feels like a visual coming home; beautiful and delicate in all her darkness and beauty.

Finally, 'Dingo Dreaming' above is a complete freshie ~ I still have marker on my hands from finishing her off this morning! This is another piece that began as a paint palette and evolved over time.

Last night I found my special edition Wildlife Fact File folder which features page after page of animals from all over the world in their natural habitat. It's rare for me to come across Australian animals so it was a real treasure to find a whole section of Aussie animals in it. 

Dingos can get a bit of a negative wrap sometimes here in Australia, but I think they are gorgeous creatures. To me, they represent an embracing of all they are, no matter what others think; they have an incredibly intuitive pack mentality, are amazing mothers and are super adaptive to change. These feel like some pretty amazing qualities to embrace into our own lives too.

If you'd like to check out all my collaged Animal Artworks, take a browse through my Art Shop and see what stories you can conjure up from them. Both Original Artworks + Prints are available x

All my Love,

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Five New Intuitive Artworks

Chrissy Foreman

This week I have 5 new Intuitive Artworks to share with you. More and more, my Art is feeling like a creative manifestation of my inner truth right now. I think the longer you create, the more easily the message and mojo can flow.

You can check out the pics and meanings of all five newbies by clicking on each image ... I hope you love them as much as I do!

She Knows

All my Love,

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Why Buy Original Art?

Chrissy Foreman

This is a post I’ve always wanted to share, but haven’t until now. It’s about the perceived value of Original Artworks. 

People often wonder, ‘Why would I buy an Original Artwork, when I can just get a cheap print at Kmart?’ ... or ‘How come some Artists charge so much for a painting?!’ Admittedly some Artists’ Originals can be super pricy and prints ARE an awesome alternative - I personally have purchased many prints over the years of my fave Artist’s work, usually via the Artist’s web shop as I prefer to support them directly. 

But in all honesty, there’s absolutely nothing else in the world like an Original Artwork - it’s quite literally an entirely unique object in the Universe. The depth ... the texture ... even being able to see the Artist’s brush strokes and finger prints in the paint; makes Original Art just feel so much more personal and ALIVE. You can actually FEEL what the Artist felt as they created the piece and that energy is imparted with each piece. It’s crazy amazing and exciting and beautiful all rolled into one!

If you’ve always wanted to own a beautiful Original Artwork but haven’t until now, or maybe you’re already a collector of mine (Thank You!!), I've shared a few of my faves with you below. ‘Lay by’ is also available over a 3 month term, meaning you can get that piece you’ve always loved. 

Original Art is an emotional investment, both for your home and your heart, and having a beautiful piece on your wall is something you will treasure forever and hand down to your own kids, and their kids. Feel free to check out your faves HERE and leave me a comment or email for purchase enquiries. No question is too silly! 


It’s great to finally share this post in the world! Xx

All My Love,

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