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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.



New + behind the scenes Intuitive Artworks, Classes, Card Decks + Life.

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New Series ~ Animal Messengers

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I find collage to be a highly satisfying Art form that meshes so beautifully with the Intuitive Art-making process. I have a pretty large stash of National Geographic magazines dating back to the 60's and 70's right through to recent years; and all are literally brimming with amazing photographs and inspiration for me to use in my Intuitive Artworks.


Lately, I have felt a sizeable urge to create a series of works using animals from these magazines. I generally start my Artworks using paints and inks and move onto collage about half way through my process. Here is how an average Artwork unfolds for me:

  1. Intuitively create a background with paints and inks in colours that match my mood
  2. Flip through a Nat Geo mag and intuitively select an animal or natural scene to bring in
  3. Cut around the image silhouette or cut into repetitive shapes (i.e. leaves, flowers etc)
  4. Collage images onto background using glue stick and/or matte /gloss medium
  5. Add ore paint, crayon and fine detail
  6. Spray with clear matt spray for longevity

I actually never intended to create a series, it's just kind of happened because I'm feeling interested in Animal Messengers at the moment, and the wisdom they can bring us. I've actually used collaged animals in many works before, but I've never felt this obsessed before. It's like I HAVE to bring them in, to tell their unfolding story. I feel really excited about it!

Here is the animal that began my foray into animal collage recently. A Sloth Artwork called 'Relaxing into Hope'.

Why a Sloth, you might ask?

To be honest, when I select an animal to work with in my Artworks, it's rarely intentional. I just flip through my magazines and wait for that familiar 'dropping into knowing' feeling in the pit of my tummy. That's how I know that animal will be entering the Artwork. The same goes for how I decorate them. This beautiful lady wanted to be purple and pink... and why not?

To me, a sloth represents relaxation and calm, and the look on her face is one of composure and hope. I just love this piece.

The background of 'Her Gifts' was one that flowed through me effortlessly. I had recently received a beautiful bunch rainbow flowers which were sitting next to my desk as I created, so no doubt their influence went into this piece. When I finished with the background, I noticed the middle section felt primed and ready for an animal to enter, and when I opened the page to this beautiful rhino, I just KNEW she would be perfect. 

Look at her, so calm and present and ready to share her gifts with the world. I adore the beautiful ducks in the lower right too. To me, they express yin and yang; an acceptance of wholeness within.

'Emerald Moonrise' actually came together on a piece of mixed media card I had originally been using for a paint palette. The silver moon and the orange blob in the middle areas were simply paint pours directly on the page and I loved them so much that I just painted and collaged around them. 

I'm not sure exactly what breed of bird this is - I think it is some sort of pheasant? Once again, I selected it intuitively and I adore how the resulting colour scheme is different to what I'd normally use. That's the beauty of collage ~ bringing in a new item to respond to, can take the Artwork into a whole new direction. 

Emerald Moonrise feels to me like feminine moon energy, the desiring of new experiences and emerging from the shadows. I've been doing a lot of shadow work over the last couple of years to embrace all parts of myself, so this piece feels like a visual coming home; beautiful and delicate in all her darkness and beauty.

Finally, 'Dingo Dreaming' above is a complete freshie ~ I still have marker on my hands from finishing her off this morning! This is another piece that began as a paint palette and evolved over time.

Last night I found my special edition Wildlife Fact File folder which features page after page of animals from all over the world in their natural habitat. It's rare for me to come across Australian animals so it was a real treasure to find a whole section of Aussie animals in it. 

Dingos can get a bit of a negative wrap sometimes here in Australia, but I think they are gorgeous creatures. To me, they represent an embracing of all they are, no matter what others think; they have an incredibly intuitive pack mentality, are amazing mothers and are super adaptive to change. These feel like some pretty amazing qualities to embrace into our own lives too.

If you'd like to check out all my collaged Animal Artworks, take a browse through my Art Shop and see what stories you can conjure up from them. Both Original Artworks + Prints are available x

All my Love,

Chrissy Signature_350.jpg

The Making of Family Tree

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Hello beauties. I'm super proud to share with you my latest unfolding Intuitive Art Video - 'The Making of Family Tree'.

I hope you enjoy it. ( Music by Incompetech HERE)

'Family Tree' is available for purchase HERE.

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All my Love,

Chrissy x

Our Mini Getaway

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

This last month or so has felt pretty intense. I've really felt the need to recharge time and this week felt the perfect time to head up the coast for some soulful living.

I have this beautiful friend whom we stayed with for our trip. We went for long walks together with our kids, they picked flowers for my hair and we chatted and reminded each other that we are both doing a great job at this thing called Mamahood. Feeling pretty blessed to have friends like these.

When we arrived home, I slept a deep, dream-filled sleep and awoke the next day feeling so much lighter. The heaviness I'd been feeling had melted away; healed by friendship, nature and self-acceptance.

With this new energy came a lightness of Spirit in latest painting as well. Before I left home I'd felt stuck with this piece and now ... well she's just blossoming beautifully. 

Life is full of mysteries.

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All my Love,

Chrissy x

The Making of Unicorn Universe

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I'm just gonna come right out and say it - this painting was an absolute challenge to birth! But I have the say, the labour pains were all worth it in the end ... she's turned out pretty amazingly.

 'Unicorn Universe'. Acrylic, Paint Pen, Collaged Papers, National Geographic Magazines + Markers on Canvas. 50 cm (W) X 76 cm (H) X 4 cm (D).

'Unicorn Universe'. Acrylic, Paint Pen, Collaged Papers, National Geographic Magazines + Markers on Canvas. 50 cm (W) X 76 cm (H) X 4 cm (D).

Being such an intricate, soulful piece, I thought I'd share with you what the painting elements mean to me:

  • The geometrics above Unicorn represent my mental thoughts + creative dreams + purposeful mindfulness.
  • The little black bird of paradise in the thought-clouds reminds me to be playful and let go of heaviness, while the hawk represents a balance of wisdom
  • The inky, Universe background holds a beautiful moon-come-wheel-of-fortune which helps me accept whatever comes my way.
  • And the magical Unicorn ... well, she took on many incarnations until finally this afternoon, she felt finally complete with a swollen, rounded tummy -- she's pregnant. Perhaps it will turn out to be a pro hectic painting, who knows?!

I've also put together a little 50 second video of 'Unicorn Universe' unfolding, from start to finish. It was quite the journey, as you'll see. I hope you enjoy ...

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All my Love,


Intuitions | Stargazing

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

This last week or so has transitioned into a beautiful new energy that feels ... well ... more SPACIOUS. If yours has been anything like mine, the first half of the year has felt pretty insanely busy! Yet right now, finally, that energy seems to be clearing to a place where there's room to breathe ... notice ... imagine.

 Current work in progress - June 2016

Current work in progress - June 2016

This week, I chose the STARGAZING card for you from my Intuitive Wisdom deck. It's the first card that slipped out of the pack as I went to shuffle them and I've learned to take these as special little messages from the Universe. Their meaning always seems extra poignant and pure.

STARGAZING = Integrity | Self-Nurture | Celestial Energy

 STARGAZING - from  Intuitive Wisdom deck

STARGAZING - from Intuitive Wisdom deck

When I first created this Artwork, I'd only intended to play using one of my favourite motifs - leaves. As I played and flowed with the moment's joy, the STARGAZING artwork emerged, quite effortlessly.

This card reminds us that when we follow our bliss, we step into a flow of energy that takes us to truly, beautiful places.

This is not a time for wild action, I feel, it's more a time to nourish ourselves, slow down our pace and take time to enjoy this moment. 

  • Take time to look up at the stars and ponder their vast magnificence.
  • Make time for a nice, warm bath or shower by candlelight.
  • Share your full attention with this magnificent moment and all that it brings.

This intention can then allow us to manifest our experiences from a calmer, more spacious feeling. Imagine the possibilities!

For all the Mamas out there, have you felt rushed, overworked or particularly run-down lately? This is a perfect time to entertain new ways of being with your family and children. A big part of this experience is about practicing stillness and presence with the here and now. 

When we consider new ways of being on a daily basis, we open our experience up to welcome in new possibilities. For example, during my morning meditations recently, my son has begun joining me. Let me just say that it's challenging to meditate with a wriggling four-year-old beside me, but after a couple of days, I've really softened into it and use it as a time to treasure 'present' cuddles with him. Soon enough, he gets bored and runs off and I can finish another 15 minutes of slow breathing in peace!

There is always a way to enjoy the moment. it just takes practice listening to our inner wisdom.

 Current work in progress.

Current work in progress.

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All my Love,

Chrissy x

New Inspiring Offerings

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I'm feeling so blessed at how much beautiful praise I've received lately from my customers. Women are regularly using my offerings to create a sanctuary for themselves .. whether it be five minutes a day with my Oracle Cards, creating a heartfelt space in their creative home office, or investing in an Original Artwork to enjoy forevermore and hand down to their children.

When I receive and image like this one above from a customer, excitement bubbles up from within me. I infuse every piece I create with deep love, presence and intention, so to see it functioning this way in women's homes I admire ... well it warms my heart! (and inspires me to create, too)

Being a Mama and business owner means we don't always spend money on ourselves though, nor take the time we need to gift ourselves with loving self-care. So I've added some more ways to entice you to enjoy your self-care ritual ...

To save on shipping and costs, I've created a special listing to combine both my decks together. These are designed to use for a 5 minute spiritual fix every morning ... just shuffle, pick a card or two and use as a prompt to look after YOUR needs and desires, too. Get more self-care flowing HERE.  

Due to popular demand, my Prints Range are now back too and ready for custom order. This means that all my bestselling Artworks are now available affordably, from just $35 a print. These truly do bring feelings of healing, inspiration and freedom into your space and are such great reminders of self-care for you too!

View the inspiring prints range HERE.

All my Love,

Chrissy x

Intuitions | Colour Me Positive

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

This month I was asked to be a feature Artist for the Colour Me Positive challenge. This is a worldwide group of women who have selected 2016 as a year full of colourful, positive inspiration. I created a video to accompany my interview, which includes a yummy guided intuitive meditation to meet your animal spirit guide. Check it out, below.

I'd love to hear how you felt ... did you experience a profound moment with your animal totem? 

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All my Love,

Chrissy xx

New Artwork ~ View from an Open Heart

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

 ' View from an Open Heart '. 16" x 16". Acrylic, Printed Papers, Washi Tape, Neo ColorII crayons, Tissue Paper, Fine Glitter and Paint Pen on 1" deep Canvas

'View from an Open Heart'. 16" x 16". Acrylic, Printed Papers, Washi Tape, Neo ColorII crayons, Tissue Paper, Fine Glitter and Paint Pen on 1" deep Canvas

'View from an Open Heart' is a richly symbolic Artwork about the decision to live life from an open heart. 
Within this canvas are many layers of paint, carving, fine detail and texture. 
She features a beautiful peacock resting upon a branch, taking in the view of how Life can appear through new, loving eyes. Above her head is a halo of guiding intuition as she steps into this new way of being.

A nearby tree buds with fruits, vines and roots into the earth, while in the sky there are open birdcages, representing freedom from a fear to love deeply. Below, the scalloped shapes mirror the peacock's tail, showing how she is becoming one with everything around her. 

She comes ready to hang, with the Artwork extending around the canvas edges. She will bring a lifetime of inspiring connection to her new owner.

peacock detail

She comes ready to hang, with the Artwork extending around the canvas edges. She will bring a lifetime of inspiring connection to her new owner!

$325 in my SHOP HERE

All my Love,

Chrissy x