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Intuitive Artist + Teacher.

Creator of Intuitive Artworks, Card Decks + Classes/Courses.

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.



New + behind the scenes Intuitive Artworks, Classes, Card Decks + Life.

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Inside my Spirit Portraits class

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

This past weekend I was joined in my Intuitive Art Studio by a beautiful group of women, ready for a gorgeous session of creating Intuitive Spirit Portraits.

I started by sharing a scrummy Spirit Guide meditation to lay the foundation for our Artworks, then we loosened up with some freeform, collaborative Art-making.

From here, it was time to symbolise elements from our intuition, meditation and imagination using my lovely big stash of National Geographic magazines. There was such a lovely calm, yet inspiring vibe as we created together; tearing, cutting and pasting magazines and playing with paints and inks. 

By the end of the session, we had birthed some amazing Spirit Portraits into the world. Check out pics of our session together below ...

If you’re keen to join my next Women’s Intuitive Art Class, check out my upcoming offerings HERE. I'll be sharing 'Mindful Nature Artworks' on Sat 28th Apr + 'Intuitive Mixed Media Drawing' on Sat 26th May.

All my Love,

Chrissy Signature_350.jpg

The Story behind my Intuitive Wisdom Cards

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Hello, Beauty. 

Over the last decade or so, my desire to be of service through Art has grown steadily and strong. Rather than just creating Art to look at, I have an increasing need to connect deeply with others through my work ... to feel like I'm making a difference. 

The truth is, I've always wanted a feeling of deep connection with others - a way to share our human experience. I want to share how it feels when I create; connected to a bottomless Intuitive Flow, which fills my Spirit to brimming and cascades through my arms and hands and heart and out into the world. I want this feeling to be shared and received by people's hearts and hands and for that energy to flow back and forth between us like a beautiful circle. 

And so it comes that I share my story with you, a circle-like journey that has made manifest via my Intuitive Wisdom Cards. Here goes ...


I remember way back the early-mid 2000's, I had a dream as a budding Artist to create my own deck of Oracle Cards. Oracle cards have been a tool I've used for many, many years to personally access and amplify my truth, and little did I know this would come true until three years ago, when I completed my first deck of Intuitive Wisdom Oracle Cards.

I loved my first deck, which had 36 cards with my Art on the front, and intuitive prompts on the backs. Holding these first decks in my hands felt so amazing on so many levels - they inspired, they uplifted, and I could witness my Art on something that people could use in their daily life (seriously - it's the most amazing feeling!) 

I had no idea how these cards would go in the world, so I ordered a small quantity of 50 decks to begin with, using a high-end printing company in the city. I wanted to make them both affordable and excellent quality, so I needed to keep my profit margins pretty low. 

The first edition sold out within a few months.

Intuitive Wisdom Edition 2.jpg

Next came the second edition, as a result of my existing local print supplier being no longer financially viable. With customers starting to line up, I had to look into other options and I found a company online called that were based in the US and manufactured in China (which I found out later). This was a contention point for me, because I always choose to shop Australian wherever possible to keep carbon miles down, and I couldn't see any proofs of my work first. Plus, the sizing options were different, so I needed to redesign the whole deck.

But I took this all in my stride and looked for the silver lining. I knew I had a great product and with the new supplier, I now had the option of making the decks even better with a tuck box to encase them, which could also make the cards more marketable to shops etc. I also listened to some feedback from my growing customer-base of oracle and tarot readers, who wanted single sided cards for doing their readings, so there was a 'reveal' when you flipped a card over. 

Intuitive Art Oracle Cards.jpg

As a result, my second edition decks felt much more professional, with their single sided-ness, streamlined design and beautiful packaging. I even created a second sister deck just for Mamas, called Mama Nurture. They all looked so lovely and I really thought I was doing the right thing, by tweaking my products for those I thought wanted to use them.

However in hindsight, I had focused so much on creating what I thought others wanted from me, that I'd compromised my original vision. I'd forgotten the importance of stepping into my own intuitive flow, not just when creating Art but also in my Life choices. Even though my customers adored them, I felt less connected personally and after selling out of both decks in larger quantities, I decided to take a break and couldn't see myself offering them again in the future. 

That was almost 2 years ago.

Then late last year, my husband completed a graphic design course and we chatting about projects we could possibly work on together. We'd always thought there might be a way to marry our two crafts together, but we didn't know how. He and I have opposing strengths - his logical, technical mind and me as an intuitive, creative free-baller. After writing a list of jobs out together based on our strengths, we realised we have an amazing opportunity to work together.

And so together, we've birthed these ...

Intuitive Wisdom Cards.jpg

THIS is THE deck I've always wanted to create. This time, I've chosen the intuitive path, and co-created this deck that truly, feels alive and brimming with life in my hands. The cards above are our first test print run, to see the colours and feel. You guys, they are BEAUTIFUL.

I feel like I have returned to my roots and values with this deck, by working with an amazing graphic designer who truly KNOWS ME, by finding an incredible local supplier for the card printing (so they're made and designed in Australia! YAY!), by reintroducing the written prompts so they are double sided because I LOVE that, and by bringing the whole INTENTION of the deck back to where I began - a tool to connect with your own, Intuitive Wisdom. I've also selected the most relevant cards from both my decks and added some newbies, which increased the deck size to 52 cards, which feels like a much deeper and more rounded offering of intuitive prompts for personal growth. 

When i just pulled a few cards to take this pic so you can see the beautiful backs of the cards, these are the cards I chose: EXACTLY how this deck feels to me. 

By Listening to my Intuition, I've experienced a coming HOME. Total serendipity.

Intuitive Wisdom Cards.jpg

So, that's why when I release this new deck for pre-sale on March 31st, they will be renamed as simply 'Intuitive Wisdom Cards'. I've dropped the 'oracle' label because these cards are less about pointing outside of ourselves, and all about diving within for the gems and pearls of our own inner connection.

If you'd like to receive notifications when they are released for pre-sale on 31st March, please pop your name on my mailing list below. I cannot wait to share them with you.

Massive thanks to my husband Jeff Cranitch for making this dream a shared reality. I love you!


Name *

All my Love,

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New Release Online Art Class - Wanderlust 2018

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Hello my beauties,

I am absolutely SO excited to share some yummy spesh news with you today ... drumroll please ...

I am a guest teacher on Wanderlust 2018 

Wanderlust 2018 strip2.jpg
Teacher Wanderlust 2018 Logo3.png

Wanderlust is a gorgeous year-long online creative journey, offering Inspiring Art tutorials by 26 amazing International Artists.

A new Art-class video is released every week (each one is fully downloadable + high-def), accompanied by a supportive and friendly Wanderlust Community, where all of the classes are gathered. It's gonna be inspiring, colourful and full of variety!

I personally LOVE participating in online Art classes. I sit and watch the videos on my lounge, curled up with a peppermint tea and and my iPad, and get all inspired from the comfort of my own home. It's the perfect alternative to in-person classes and brings so much richness and news ways of seeing the world around us.


So without further ado, here is a little excerpt from my offering, 'Mindful Nature Artworks'


Mindful Nature Artworks with Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Experience your garden through the eyes of an Intuitive Artist, as we use our natural environment for inspiration and personal connection. Using accessible materials such as flowers and leaves along with simple pen and watercolour techniques, we will connect with the essence of Mother Nature’s gifts and explore our creativity in a whole new way. Experience mindfulness, line, feeling, colour, contour and shape and enjoy the process of art-making, without any pressure of perfection. Get reading for a heartwarming session of feeling, being and seeing.

Wanderlust 2018 strip2.jpg

Together with the class you will also get an exclusive whole year discount to a number of leading art and craft retailers, to feed your stash of creative materials.

... and if you purchase Wanderlust 2018 before 31st December 2017, you'll save 20% off!

Early Bird Price - £79 or if you're an Aussie like me, approximately $127 (as of August 2017). 

So if you'd like your 2018 to be filled with new inspiration, ideas, connections and creativity, then come take the plunge and let's get colourful, beauty. I can't wait to work with you in 2018!

Sign up HERE.

Wanderlust 2018 from Everything Art on Vimeo.

All my Love,

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When Artist Meets Motherhood

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

There is absolutely no denying that Motherhood has changed me in many ways. This week I've opened up on what life's like for me as an Artist Mama and how parenting has impacted my creative practice. 

 'Heart Mountain' - Prints available  HERE

'Heart Mountain' - Prints available HERE

Having been an Artist and Early Childhood Teacher for almost 20 years now, I thought I would take to parenting like a duck to water. I understood how children developed, I genuinely loved kids and I was going to have a blast doing heaps of painting and creative activities with my kid.

What I didn't take into account is how much parenting could actually pull me away from my creative practice as I knew it.

 'Bloom Song'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork Available  HERE

'Bloom Song'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork Available HERE

The truth is, parenting has forced me to change almost every way I've approached Art-making. It's made me grow, it's made me more raw, more deep and care more about my self-care than I ever have before, because there seems so much less time for it now.

In the five years since becoming a Mama, it's been a long and ongoing journey back home to myself. Every day I experience the pull of both worlds, beckoning me to nurture and nourish my lifelong careers in Art + Motherhood.

So how do you chose between the loves of your life? 

Many times I have had to come to terms with the surrender of one whilst doing the other. I have had to scrutinise my values and self-talk on a daily basis. I have had to make ease with not being a superhero. I have had to embrace my humanness in all it's inspiration, sorrow and moments of wisdom ... because that's where all the riches lie. 

Because of Motherhood, I'm being forced to become whole, within.

 'Mama's Nurture'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork available  HERE

'Mama's Nurture'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork available HERE

In a recent chat together, fellow Artist and Mother Jenna Michelle Pink, interviewed me as part of her 'Artist Meets Mother' series. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is one thing in an Artwork but another to put it into words that can capture the experience of when Art + Motherhood meet.

In the interview, Jenna asked me to share my journey of Mothering, how it's changed me as an Artist, whether I involve my son in my paintings and how I manage to balance my creative time with parenting.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to read the full interview.

 'Sacred Wisdom'. Currently on show  HERE

'Sacred Wisdom'. Currently on show HERE

The truth is, I'm a better Artist now that I ever was before my son came along. Although my heart has been blown wide into the ethers, every day a small piece of the puzzle comes back home to me as I navigate this new life with paint, love, hugs and stinky little boys feet.

Motherhood has been the exact gift I needed to grow into my own skin. I've grown richer as a person. I've got more feelings to feel. I've got more stories to tell, more moments to share, more little bumps to rub and kiss better. 

For all this, I am grateful, even on the days when it's hard. Because it means, I've a lifetime of Artworks to make and hugs to share as I navigate this journey through life. For this, I have my Husband, Son and Spirit to thank.

All my Love,



I've restocked my shop with available Art Prints, Classes and Original Artworks, however my Oracle Card Decks are almost sold out! CLICK HERE to browse for something beautiful.


Just a couple weeks left of my Creating with Feeling Art Show in Ipswich! My next exhibition commences April 4th at the brand new Blume Gallery, in Brighton, Queensland. Can't wait to share some large pieces this time.


New Monthly Art Classes commence from my home studio in late April. Click HERE to book.

Refilling Our Cup

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I'm a big believer in noticing everyday 'signs' as symbols of guidance from the Universe - and when I notice something repetitively - it's like an extra nudge to take notice; there's an important lesson to be learned.

So over a cuppa date with a friend recently, I spilled the beans to her; explaining how I'd been spilling water from my drinking cup, over and over recently - even onto people! Was I just rushing too much?

Then, my friend responded with her simple, innocent wisdom: "You don't realise when your cup is empty?" 

Agh. There it was. The truth is, many times in my life I had failed to notice when 'my cup' (meaning my sense of wellbeing) felt dangerously low. But I have to say, this year something I'm actively working to change: I'm making my needs a priority - not just when I can fit it in, but every day in my life choices

For me, this has meant a number of subtle shifts, mostly around establishing healthy boundaries through self-care. Self-care reminds us that we matter and that our needs are important.

Personally, a number of mini self-care rituals fill my cup on a regular basis and nurture my wellbeing. Here are my favourites: 


In the first hour of waking, I set my Insight Timer for a 10 minute morning meditation and put on some incense. This reminds me to just 'Be' with my senses and engage with the present moment, instead of 'Doing' all the time. The incense also acts as a trigger to get into my presence space.

Every night before falling asleep, I think of 10 things I'm grateful for from the day. This helps train my mind to look for the good things in life. I'm also reminded that even on a shitty day, there were things that lit me up.



I undertake a 2 hour Art-making session, at least twice a week. Art-making for me feels both therapeutic and insightful.

On Saturday mornings, I gift myself a yoga class to nourish my body.

Once a week, I organise a cafe + cuppa outing with a someone I love - and sometimes myself. As a Mama, this is my luxury time.

Whenever I feel like it, I replace my morning meditation with a mindful drawing exercise. Here, I find joy both through the present moment and doing what I love - making Art.


I book in for a massage and make a point of mindfully enjoying it. No explanation necessary. 


I pick a word of the year. This helps me set an intention for the way I want to live my life in the months ahead. 

I buy myself something special that I've wanted for months. Just because I deserve it.

I attend a yoga retreat and get my self-care ONNNN! I always feel good when I nurture my body.

 Mama Nurture Oracle Cards - Available  HERE

Mama Nurture Oracle Cards - Available HERE

Your self-care rituals will likely look much different to mine. We intuitively know what a good cup-filling exercise is for us, because it feels like a joyous relief every time we engage in it. 

These are the things we need to practice more of; rituals that fill us up from the inside out. When we feel filled from within, we can give to others with more gratitude. With frequency, self-care begins to sink in and become a habit. It also helps rewire our brains to enable more self-love to unfold. 

Do you need a bit of help tuning into your self-care? You might enjoy the Insight Timer app or one of my online or in-person creative workshops HERE. They're filled with the tools I personally use to get present with myself.

All my Love,  



'Creating with Feeling'. 5th March, 2017 @ Viroga Yoga Studio + Day Spa. Brighton, QLD. 10 am - 4 pm. BOOK HERE.


Check out my heartfelt interview on Expressive Art Inspirations with Artist + Therapist, Shelley Klammer. READ HERE.

Thoughts on Anxiety + Worth

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Lately I've been thinking about change. This year has seen some pretty big changes happen in my Life and many old constraints have finally fallen away. Suddenly, I find myself in new territory, a place where I'm experiencing more freedom, more authenticity and more dreams manifesting than ever before.

Yet I noticed anxiety creeping back into my experience ... and for the life of me, I hadn't been able to work out why. Now my son is at school I have more devoted time to be creative, carve out time for self-care and even yummy leisure time to read a book, watch a movie and have a cuppa with friend. So why would I be experiencing anxiety now, of all times?

Then this evening, it dawned on me ... I've been afraid I'm not worthy.

A recurring fear of mine is if everything is going really well, I'm afraid I will lose it. This is a fear I fall back on easily, as a well learned response to life lived with anxiety.

But when I dig deeper here - truly inquire into my feelings and experiences - I realise it's not actually loss I'm afraid of. In actual fact, I've been afraid to truly let love seep under my skin.

At a time in my life when I am consciously choosing what matters most to me, it's become apparent how far I've come. This life I've carved from the clay of experience is so utterly 'Me', filled with people, experiences and feelings that feel so beautiful, true and authentic.

 And boy, does it hurt to not let it in.

It is now that I realise, rather than loss being what I fear most ... in actual fact, it's always been love. To truly let love in means on some level, I have to believe that I'm worthy to receive it.

Yet as I walk this path, healing my wounds and nourishing my strengths, I understand on a much deeper level that love isn't actually something I can ever gain, nor lose. It's something that I Am, something we all Are, something that all life is made of. We can either let love flow freely within and around us ... or to deny its existence at all.

From this day forth, I promise myself this: With all of my will, wherever I am, whenever I can, I choose to for Love to be My Worthy Companion. I hope you will join me.

Original Artwork (above) - 'My Worthy Companion'. Available HERE.


All my Love,

Chrissy x

New Works in Progress

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

You might have seen HERE that I've been doing a lot of letting go lately. As I connect with my feelings and experiences, whatever I'm focussing on flows directly into my Art. As a result, the way I'm creating my Intuitive works has begun to shift to more inner-based beauty. To achieve this, I'm reaching for a more direct approach that still allows my Intuition to flow and blossom ...

Alongside my new #innerbeauty focus I found this incredible journal to work in. As I create, I have the open pages visible nearby and these give me fuel for my colourful content. It's a little bit Art-therapy and a little bit life-saving when I hit a road bump in my Art.

Another thing I'm doing a little bit differently at the moment is working on smaller canvasses. My gosh, I am LOVING these bit-size chunks of awesome work on! I stocked up on a whole heap of 8" X 8" deep canvasses and have been spending some yummy rich time creating colourful backgrounds with paint and collage. 

These feel so freeing to me - as a Mama my larger pieces can take months to complete, and these come together in a few nights. Feels so good! I love the idea of releasing a whole new series of these in the coming year. 

Below is one of the 8" x 8" pieces I've just completed. I'm letting these new works be less polished than my usual process. Although this approach still feels 'green' and new to me; I gotta say, the rawness and expressive freedom feels amazing! I'm hoping the #innerbeauty still shines through ... love to know how you feel. She's called, 'Inner Beauty'.

Join my mailing list for Intuitive Art Updates + my freebie e-course ❤

All my Love,

Chrissy x

Shave for Inner Beauty

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

This week I took the plunge and did something pretty effing brave ... I shaved my hair off.. Why?

Because I believe our beauty feels best when it comes from WITHIN.


In recent months I've really craved to challenge ideas of what beauty really means to me. Being both a woman and an Artist has meant that beauty is something I've felt almost pressured into achieving most of my Life. After shaving my husband's head a few weeks ago, I shared that I actually felt jealous of his freedom ... he suggested I should give it a go!

After that, I started to have dreams about shaving my head, but really I just wanted to let go ... surrender my need for beauty ... and ultimately, risk being judged by others. I felt super nervous about taking such a bold step because I'm actually not a lover of raising conflict! Yet there was a deep part inside me urging me on with gentle, open arms. I wanted to meet a new part of my Spirit.

The night before my shave, I shared this post on my facebook and insta accounts :

So, tonight is my last evening with hair; as I’ve made the decision to have my hair shaved tomorrow afternoon. I’m feeling both excited and incredibly vulnerable about the idea!
The are a couple of reasons why I’ve decided to do this ... There’s simple fact that I’m tired of having to style my hair every day.
But it’s actually much deeper than that.
The truth is, I’m shaving my hair because my whole life I’ve wanted to look pretty and I’m tired of basing my self worth on my looks. I want to dig deeper within myself and mine the treasures within, instead of letting society or my own limited thinking define who I should be to be accepted and loved.
I’m feeling both scared and elated and I’m looking forward to the challenge the new experience will bring. Here’s to cultivating a more loving sense inner beauty. Oh and by the way, my husband is 100% behind my decision.

Since I've shaved my head, the biggest thing I've noticed is this: My world did not suddenly fall apart, nor was I suddenly cast into the shadows for being ugly or unlovable. In fact, quite the opposite! The amount of people who have felt touched by this journey so far has been phenomenal and unexpected. Plus my hubby and son love me just as much as before. This has made me wonder if maybe my true beauty had actually been there all along ...


So, I'm two days into my new #InnerBeauty challenge and the feels are still settling in. Some moments I'll get a glimpse of myself in the mirror and felt a little shocked as I'm just not used to seeing myself in this way! Yet every time I've noticed the old talk-back in my head, it's only lovingly challenged me to cultivate my sense of beauty from within. 

A new way of Being is emerging and it feels clean and true and good.

If this is something you support or even feel moved to do yourself, I lovingly urge you to give it a go. It's empowering, freeing, confronting and a true act of courageous self-love to challenge ourselves to think of beauty differently. You might shave your head or just question your old beliefs. I'd love to share this message with other women too, so please feel free to share my video, blog post, pics or your own journey with a hash tag.


Peace out to you beautiful Sisters! Love Ya Heart!

All my Love,

Chrissy x


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