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Intuitive Art + Wellbeing for Mamas and Kids ❤

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.



New + behind the scenes Intuitive Artworks, Classes, Card Decks + Life.

Upcoming Classes

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Hi beauties, just a short and sweet email to let you know I have a few spaces available in my 'Creating with Feeling' in-person workshop this weekend.

The venue has now changed to My Home Studio in Clontarf, Queensland and I couldn't be more excited to share my space with you.

If you're around town this Sunday 5th March between 10 am - 4 pm, I'd love to get colourful with you! It's just $150 for the full day, with all materials provided.

To learn fun and playful ways to incorporate more self-care and mindfulness into your life via Art-making. BOOK HERE.

For my beloved International customers, you can access my online course 'Colour with Feeling' HERE.

My Vulnerable Truths - An Interview

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

This week I am incredibly humbled to be featured interview over on the Expressive Art Inspirations blog. This interview is hands-down, the most raw and honest I've ever done.

In it, I talk about how my lifelong experience with anxiety has influenced my art, growth and self-care - particularly since becoming a Mama ... and how I've gone on to teach others.

Shelley is an internationally renowned Artist-come-therapist, who has created an incredible body of work built upon supporting people's creative expression and self-identity. The questions she asked were deep and fruitful. I hope my responses strike a chord with you.


All my Love,

Chrissy x


'Creating with Feeling'. 5th March, 2017 @ Viroga Yoga Studio + Day Spa. Brighton, QLD. 10 am - 4 pm. BOOK HERE.

My Top 3 Tips on When to Say 'No'

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I love to show people I care and appreciate them, through random acts of kindness and generosity of Spirit. Over the years I've bent over backwards to alleviate stress, both in myself and others. Yet as a busy Artist and Mama, my capacity for generosity is often stretched to the limit with family life, let alone anything else.

'How can I possibly meet everyone else's needs, as well as my own?' is a question I used to ask myself regularly. The guidance I've grown to discover is this ...

It's not possible - Sometimes we all have to say 'NO'.

This can be particularly difficult to choose with those close to us, like our children, partners, family, BFF's and even bosses. Yet there inevitably comes a time in life when we need to let other people down, in order to choose our own wellbeing instead.

Personally, nurturing my wellbeing has become of particular importance since both becoming a Mama and having a breakdown in 2014. 'Cause when the well is dry as a stone, we ain't got no juice left for any authentic generosity to occur.

I believe it's time we started to look closer at the value to be generous all of the time and to consider instead stopping for a moment to listen within for guidance.

So, when is it okay to say 'No' to others and 'Yes' to ourselves?

Here are my top three ways to determine when we need to say 'No' or happily say 'Yes'

Ask yourself:

  1. How does saying 'Yes' to this demand feel in my body? Light or heavy? Exciting or dreadful?
  2. How does saying 'No' feel in my body? Dutiful or relieving? Achievable or stressful?
  3. Will this activity enrich my sense of wellbeing, or take me away from it? (Yes. That's the biggie).

We all have inner guidance; our 'Intuition'. She is the 'Inner Tuition' within us, here to teach us our own, beautiful truth.

When we turn to her, she always guides us in walking the richest path we possibly can. She's super empathetic and knows what we're here to learn and that it's okay for us to make mistakes sometimes, too. We're all human.

She also knows how to embody the magnificent, Spiritual Being we came here to be.

If we listen and feel - truly gift ourselves a few moments each day to go within and connect with Her; we discover she's always there to guide us in our wellbeing in each moment. She guides us to honour ourselves and say 'No' when our wellbeing requires us to do so ... and helps fill our cup so saying 'Yes' feels more joyful.

Over the years I've come to know my Intuition pretty well and I have to say, she's more magnificent than I could ever have imagined ... and she's a part of Me. That feels pretty great.

Let's chat:

I'd love to know how your Intuition works in your life. Do you check in with Her? What has She taught you? It's not always easy, but I've grown to know that the best choices feel like relief in the body - even when the choice is a hard one. 

I wish you well on your beautiful journey ... thanks for being here with me on mine.

All my Love,

Chrissy xx

Thoughts on Anxiety + Worth

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Lately I've been thinking about change. This year has seen some pretty big changes happen in my Life and many old constraints have finally fallen away. Suddenly, I find myself in new territory, a place where I'm experiencing more freedom, more authenticity and more dreams manifesting than ever before.

Yet I noticed anxiety creeping back into my experience ... and for the life of me, I hadn't been able to work out why. Now my son is at school I have more devoted time to be creative, carve out time for self-care and even yummy leisure time to read a book, watch a movie and have a cuppa with friend. So why would I be experiencing anxiety now, of all times?

Then this evening, it dawned on me ... I've been afraid I'm not worthy.

A recurring fear of mine is if everything is going really well, I'm afraid I will lose it. This is a fear I fall back on easily, as a well learned response to life lived with anxiety.

But when I dig deeper here - truly inquire into my feelings and experiences - I realise it's not actually loss I'm afraid of. In actual fact, I've been afraid to truly let love seep under my skin.

At a time in my life when I am consciously choosing what matters most to me, it's become apparent how far I've come. This life I've carved from the clay of experience is so utterly 'Me', filled with people, experiences and feelings that feel so beautiful, true and authentic.

 And boy, does it hurt to not let it in.

It is now that I realise, rather than loss being what I fear most ... in actual fact, it's always been love. To truly let love in means on some level, I have to believe that I'm worthy to receive it.

Yet as I walk this path, healing my wounds and nourishing my strengths, I understand on a much deeper level that love isn't actually something I can ever gain, nor lose. It's something that I Am, something we all Are, something that all life is made of. We can either let love flow freely within and around us ... or to deny its existence at all.

From this day forth, I promise myself this: With all of my will, wherever I am, whenever I can, I choose to for Love to be My Worthy Companion. I hope you will join me.

Original Artwork (above) - 'My Worthy Companion'. Available HERE.


All my Love,

Chrissy x

Heartworks for Self

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

It's no secret that I love to create Art; but writing also holds a very dear place in my heart. Whenever I put paint to paper or my fingers to a keyboard, I let go and flow like a river. My feelings, thoughts, beliefs and intuitions become more tangible and I can more clearly see my experiences within.

So this year for Valentine's Day, I've created a series of these yummy little 'heartworks'. Each canvas represents a different facet of living more lovingly, along with some personal notes of affirmation to go along with each piece.

$50 each, only 8 AVAILABLE.

I'd love to know which you resonate with most



Today I take time to activate my Strength, knowing I am safe to say 'Yes' to Love and 'No' to unnecessary demands on my time.


Today I allow myself to drink from the constant flow of Courage that flows within me like a river.

Exploring Inner Wilderness

I am safe to explore my Inner Wilderness via my unique feelings + intuitions.


I flow graciously through all the ways that Life may find me today.


I soar through my experiences today with inspired confidence and freedom.


Today I dwell in loving possibility.


I surrender; knowing All Is Well in my magnificent Universe today.

Inner Knowing

Today I rise to meet my Inner Knowing

Do you have a favourite? Which do you most resonate with and why?

View the available original Heartworks HERE.

All my Love,



'Creating with Feeling'. 5th March, 2017 @ Viroga Yoga Studio + Day Spa. Brighton, QLD. 10 am - 4 pm. BOOK HERE.

A Calling to Teach

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Hello, beauties. 

In recent months I've recognised an old friend gently knocking on my inner door ... A calling to teach again. Although I've been a teacher for 20 years, it's only in recent years that I've felt called to teach my creative process with others. 


After falling ill a while back, I've taken the last couple of years hiatus to go within, feel the feels fully and nourish new seeds taking root in my being.  This year, I'm feeling safer and more inspired that ever to share the new blooms I'm experiencing though my creative practice. 

I'm calling it 'Creating with Feeling'. 

The truth is, for me teaching calls for a great amount of courage, inner strength and presence. I've needed the last couple of years to truly explore who I am as an Artist + Being, so I felt strong enough to lead others into this world of inner discovery.


What has emerged from this time is a unique fusion of Intuitive Art, Feeling, Colour, Mindfulness and Spirituality. It feels like all the most inspired parts of me have coalesced into something I feel so deeply honoured to have lovingly discovered ... and that's why I can't wait to share it with you.


The best thing about these classes is that they're perfect for beginners and seasoned Artists alike, because it's not about 'getting it right'. Instead, I share a bunch of really simple, yet soulful techniques on hearing your unique voice within and exploring these notions with colour. Imagine the joy of seeing your Divine Inner Being expressed outwardly in paint! It's truly what keeps me coming back to making Art every time ... I feel deeply felt, heard and inspired.  

For those of you in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast (or keen for a visit to our sunny part of the Australia!), I invite you along to my first class offering at the beautiful Viroga Yoga + Day Spa in early March, 2017.

CLICK HERE for more info.

Here's to an heartfelt beginning to 2017 for us all.

All my Love, 

Chrissy xx

Evoking Inner Truths

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

There's something very special about this year, 2017. I can feel it in my bones; like a fusion of fresh new beginnings, seasoned lovingly with all the learning and growth of the past.


The last couple of years I've celebrated the new year with an intention word, rather than a resolution. I originally chose 'Presence' ... but after reading Shelley Klammer's newsletter, I decided to try flipping through a magazine to allow a word to stand out for me.

The word was EVOKE.


When I looked this word up online, I found the meanings to be quite poignant:

To bring a feeling, picture, word or memory to mind; to summon, give rise to of bring forth; to kindle, stimulate or awaken. 

Amazingly enough, these explain my way of living and particularly my Art-making process to a tee. My word felt like confirmation from the Universe that I am on the right path, that I am supported; that I am enough already, right now. No amount of study or skills will make me more than I am in this moment. This feels good to me. 


So as I approach this new year I foresee true heartwork shifts taking place ... Including a greater focus on exhibiting my Art and sharing my process through teaching again. 

As my son starts school next week as a preppie, I will be taking some time to settle into a newly unfolding routine ... Then in the coming weeks I will share some announcements around these events, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates. 

Thanks for being here on this wonderful ride of Life with me. 

All my Love, 

Chrissy x

Gratitude Creation

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I'm truly a big kid when it comes to Christmas - I just LOVE this time of year. There's a palpable sense of possibility and kindness in the air, I reckon ... everything feels inspiring and possible!

I dressed to match my feelings this morning and went out to the shops to get a few last-minute things for Christmas.

Still feeling inspired when I got home; it felt like a great time to paint.

I celebrated by first exploring my current feelings of being Open, Loved and feeling Gratitude for Myself. You know you're joyful when you feel truly happy and blessed to just be who you are ... it's been many years coming and I'm really lapping it up! 

All my meditation and mindfulness really is paying off.

my art studio

Some of the cues that came from this morning's feeling journal exploration included: diamonds, simple leaf shapes, poppies and warm colours including light yellow and rust. 

I began working these into the canvas, using delicious techniques such as etching, glazing and bringing in bright white accents. 

Step by step, Intuition led the way.

Every mark I made felt true and alive and so good to express. As I created, I marvelled at the beauty and magnificence of our Intuition ... when we can truly let go and step into the flow, everything unfolds with delightfully unexpected awesomeness. 

So here is the finished piece and I gotta say ... I effing LOVE it! It feels wild and magical and alive; just as I felt throughout the creative process. I love being able to document my life in this way. It's truly an honour to experience.

This new Artwork will be added to my stash of minis, which will be available early in the New Year. I'm really looking forward to sharing them all with you.

All my Love,

Chrissy x