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Welcome, I'm Chrissy. I create Intuitive Artworks, Classes + Spirit Tools for Connected Women + Kids. 

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.



Hear from my Colourful Students

Michelle shares ...

Creating with feeling. Surrendering. releasing self-judgement. Letting go of perfection. Getting out of my head and into my heart-space with @chrissyforemanc


Karen shares ...

I would like to share with you from the participants perspective how blessed I feel for having been part of your online class. I have done many online e-courses living in a remote rural Victoria; it's my little outlet as an artist to break myself out of a rut that we can get into as artists.

Your e-course was/is THE BEST that I have ever participated in. Your presentation of the course is the most professional I have ever been involved in. Your video tutorials, pdf files and social media use were second to none, the best I have been involved in. Through it all, your personal connection made me feel like I was sitting in a room creating with my best friend.


Fern shares ...

No one could prepare me for the transformation I have experienced after completing a beautiful weekend of art making with Chrissy. I signed up for the course in an attempt to add more creativity to my current lifestyle. I ended the retreat not only reaching these goals but also completely reframing the way I perceive and believe in my own art making and artistic expression. Chrissy's approach is second to none. She is able to use her creativity and to empower the spirit and fulfill the heart in a way that is completely unique. I cannot wait to create art with her again in the near future.

coral and I_515.jpg

Coral wrote ...

I had a great time learning from you.  I've often felt frazzled after a class because it's been a rush, or there was limited time, or I didn't know what I was doing and the class size was too big to get some personal help.  Your class was like a calm meditation with no expectations of an outcome.  Just play and experimenting. 

I felt so relaxed and blissed-out at the the end of the day.  And I thought to myself "I want everyday of my life to be like this".  As someone working towards building a creative business, the workshop was not just a boost to my creativity, but fuel for my creative business dream.  I got to live it for a day while doing your workshop.  I wasn't just dreaming about it.  I truly felt what it would be like while doing your class. 

Big hugs

Maria says ...

'I'm feeling so sad about finishing this course as it's been such a joy to share with this amazing group of people. I thought I would feel so intimidated about sharing, as this is all new for me and my confidence in art-making is zilch, but it's just been such a safe place to share.

You have created a beautiful community here Chrissy (which doesn't always happen) and is a great testament to your loving and warm nature. Looking forward to doing more courses with you in the future! Thanks and love to everyone x


Cathys artwork.jpg

Cathy says ...

I really enjoyed this workshop.

Chrissy has a great way of tutoring, with the right balance creative information and inspiration while allowing you to follow your own artistic direction and instincts.

I felt that I truly tapped into a part of my creative self which had been struggling to find a voice. I am so pleased with the art I created on the day and would definitely recommend her workshops to others.


Cecily shares ...

I am feeling so lucky because you give something that I felt a real need for in making art freely.

Expressive Painting has provided a way for me to express my own personal connection with nature. Regularly tuning into the beauty around me has helped me to establish self-care and nourished my spirit.

It really complements some of the other work I've been doing and is I feel is keeping me in touch with my inner artist. Love it.


Aimee shares ...

I shared an amazing experience during Chrissy's expressive art retreat.

Chrissy created such a supportive and unique creative space for us all.

We were led through the creative process with space for our own interpretation and at our own pace.  Chrissy was so wonderfully open, generous and shared with us her beautiful spirit in the most inspiring way. She is a gifted and inspiring teacher and person on so many levels, both spiritually and artistically.

The wonderful ladies I met and the experiences we shared will be treasured and remembered.

I loved this weekend and it taught me so much about myself and gave me so much inspiration, I felt truly blessed to be there. Amazing! thank you so much Chrissy, Sam and all the girls who shared this beautiful retreat with me. Xo


Jennifer drawing_lg.jpg

Jennifer says ...

Painting - art - was what I wanted to do, but I had no idea how to start, only lots of questions running through my mind: What do you have to know? What do you have to do first? What would I paint? Can I even draw? What about colours? Brushes? Am I too old to be a 'beginner'? I found that Chrissy's art sessions showed me how to respond to the momentum of creativity, whilst gently introducing painting techniques and colour knowledge holistically. I am learning to push through self-doubt and lack of 'knowledge', and to embrace the process of art making, as an exciting and often messy creative journey. 

It has been a truly artful liberation!  


Sam says ...

Spending the day at Chrissy's Painting Workshop helped me let go of all those thoughts in my head that told me how a painting 'should' look.  

I spent the day with a group of lovely ladies who were also wanting to push their own comfort zone and at the end of the day I really surprised myself with what I created.

I can't wait to continue creating more paintings at home!


Sheena says ..

Chrissy's workshop gave me the space and confidence to explore my own unique sense of artistic and emotional creativity. 

Having always felt a connection with artistic mediums, I was held back by the belief that the artwork I produced was just not very good.

Chrissy helped me shed the weights of self-doubt and fear of not meeting preconceived ideas around what art should look like. 


Julie shares ...

I came to your art courses via art therapy supervision for my work. I too was hooked by how liberating and freeing and how validating it was.

I started out expressing my feelings (lots of frustrations) by making collages from images (because I couldn't draw or paint). I loved all the layers of meaning.

Since meeting you I've started to believe I can express myself with paints - it is so liberating to follow your wisdom and believe that there are no rules and just believe in the process.


Fran shares ...

Your beautiful soulful paintings are the reason I wanted to do your course, Chrissy.

Every time I saw a blog post from you with students from your courses I noticed that each person had a different and unique don't teach us how to paint like you because you have given us so much more by giving us the tools and the resources to paint like ourselves.

I have loved being part of this course with you and in the presence of these special women.

I am so grateful. xx