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Welcome, I'm Chrissy. I create Intuitive Artworks, Classes + Spirit Tools for Connected Women + Kids. 

Based in Clontarf, Queensland Australia.

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Each of us comes into the world with special gifts, and our Intuition guides us there.

The most beautiful way I know to access our unique gifts, is by using our own Intuitive Wisdom. Rather than something we gain, Intuition is more of an uncovering of our inner voice; a feeling ... a remembering of who we really are.

Our Intuition is our 'Inner Tuition' - guiding each of us from within.

So, I've created this a special 'Intuitive Self-Care Pack' to explore your inner wisdom, featuring some personal, creative tools I use on a regular basis. Simply click on each button below to access your copy. 

I'd love to hear your stories as you use these tools in your daily Life.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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All my Love,

Begin Within

Intuitive Self-Care Mini-Course 

Receive a beautiful mini-dose of Intuitive Self-care to your inbox for the next 6 days

31 ways to step into art

31 Ways to step into Art

A free e-book to help kickstart and nurture your creative wellspring

Free Art Printable

Enjoy this 4" X 6" print of 'The Peacock Aura Soarer' - one of my all time fave Artworks. 


These gifts are created for your own personal use. Thank you for not reproducing these gifts for any other purpose.